Should I download Windows 10?

Windows 10

If you are like me, you may have at some point been prompted to upgrade to Windows 10 but now you are probably faced with a very important question:

Should I even bother?

Windows 10 is known to be the last version of Windows meaning that moving forward we will no longer see new operating systems but rather more up to date versions of Windows 10 through a variety of feature updates. Windows 10 certainly comes with its benefits and quirks that are sure to make the user’s experience a more enjoyable one (especially if you had Windows 8.1). Below are the Pros of upgrading to Windows 10:


Being the latest version of Windows, this operating system will have the latest security features such as exploit protection (Protection from documents and attachments which may contain exploits) and with work being done on a continual basis, Microsoft is consistently patching and updating the Windows 10 OS so you can expect constant reviews of all the various possible weak points that hackers may try to exploit.

Support for old versions expiring

The date when Microsoft stops providing automatic fixes, updates and technical assistance is referred to as End of support. This means that security updates that would help protect your PC from harmful viruses, spyware etc will no longer be available to you leaving your machine vulnerable. Also older operating systems will no longer have extended support. I highly recommend upgrading for the sake of keeping your data secure and ensuring you have access to resources available that would prevent your machine from being compromised.


Windows 10

If you are a gamer who owns an Xbox (sorry PS4 fanboys/girls) you will be pleased to know that any device that uses Windows 10 can be run on a Windows 10 PC/Laptop through the Universal Windows app feature. This allows those playing an Xbox game to switch to their machine and then back to their Xbox console as they wish.


Windows 10

Another cool feature is the ability for Windows to intelligently recognize what device it is running by being able to switch from notebook and tablet mode and will optimize itself for touch functionality. Also if you have a Windows phone, you can connect your Windows 10 mobile to an external monitor allowing you to use your Keyboard and mouse to control your phone whilst Windows optimizes the display to fit the screen appropriately.


Windows 10

Who wouldn’t like to have their own virtual assistant? Well now you can with your very own personal digital assistant Cortana. She is known to be great at setting reminders and telling you who the 37th president of the united states whilst also integrating with apps and becoming more intelligent over time. Just don’t ask her to tell a joke and I am sure your Cortana experience will be a lovely one.

Universal Apps

Windows 10

Windows 10 offers users the ability to download applications from the Windows store ranging from productivity to entertainment among many other things. These applications integrate very well within Windows 10 and have the ability to offer alerts within action center giving you mobile device style notifications. These apps can be updated via the Windows store itself making it much more simple and safer.


 Final Verdict

The various aspects noted above are only a few of the many features that demonstrate  the benefits of switching to Windows 10 and whilst it is an operating system still constantly being reviewed and updated, it may be safe to assume that it should only get better from here on out.

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