App Spotlight- CHUNE App


It’s interesting how a couple of years ago we were more connected via music than pictures and tweets. Through the power of Myspace, music was once the foundation we built friendships upon and during the ringtone phase, we often began friendships by asking “Could you send me that song”. However over the years, Music (on a social interaction level) seems a lot more separate and segregated even though we all connect via music indirectly.


However CHUNE is looking to unite the two and in all honesty this might just be a gamechanger. primarily aimed towards Millennial music listeners, CHUNE which was founded by Tech entrepreneur Joshua Ogunnote, aims to promote interaction between people via music on either a platonic or romantic level making it unique and an alternative to connecting to people on just a superficial level (i.e swiping on tinder or liking pictures on Instagram). The app also helps fill a void that most modern Music platforms simply don’t have (or don’t work very well): Music Sharing.

With an investment from actor turned entrepreneur/investor Ashton Kutcher, CHUNE is most certainly on its way to becoming a major worldwide platform and speaking to Joshua he aims to leave a global impact and develop CHUNE into the go to place for influencers to connect to fans and change the way we interact with others through the power of music.

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