The Best Smartwatches of 2018 – 2019


Smartwatches may have been around for a little while and many may have thought they were only for those with a frivolous spending nature but it’s clear that they are slowly becoming a part of our everyday ensemble of tech gear.

Advancements in Smartwatches by tech giants such as Samsung, Apple, FitBit and even Huawei have cultivated demand for this new form of wristwear giving users the ability to stay connected and keep up to date with just a glance at their wrists.

Below are some of the best Smartwatches in the market and I believe they will meet all of your needs.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch

The Samsung gear S3 frontier Smart Watch allows you to be unhooked from your phone by giving you the ability to make or take calls, read messages and access an app just by twisting the bezel.

The Samsung gear S3 certainly ranks very high in the league of Smartwatches with its elegant design coupled with advanced features ranging from tracking your daily runs to exploring on your bike. The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with its long lasting battery will most certainly be a fantastic companion.

Apple Watch Series 4

With the largest Apple Watch display yet, a built-in electrical heart sensor and an all-new Digital Crown that comes with haptic feedback, Apple is most certainly attempting to maintain its strong position within the smartwatch market.

This Apple Smartwatch aims to keep you healthy, connected and active and although the array of features are reflected within the price tag, it most certainly offers a whole lot.

Moreover if you thought Apple were going to have just one model available you are wrong as they now have the Nike+ model and a Hermes Paris model giving Smartwatch Aficionados the option of a more sport oriented Smartwatch or a fashionable and sophisticated model.

Fitbit Unisex Ionic Smartwatch

A trendsetter within the world of fitness trackers, Fitbit is close to having a similar impact in the world of smartwatches with the Unisex Ionic Smartwatch. With the ability to sync with Windows, Mac OS and Apple mobile devices, this smartwatch has the ability to be a personal coach, has built in GPS, water resistance, swim tracking and heart rate monitoring.

An interesting feature this smartwatch has are the multi-sport modes which lets you track specific workouts (runs, weights, rides) and provides a breakdown of your performance such as how high you have climbed and a map of the route you just completed.

It is fair to say that this smartwatch is definitely fine-tuned for the fitness enthusiast who needs a (digital) companion to keep up with them!

Huawei Watch 2

This Huawei Smartwatch is a very well rounded device. With standalone 4G connectivity, a choice of sports and classic styles, the Huawei Smartwatch combines leading technology and a vintage watch style effortlessly.

It has the ability to be an ideal workout companion with coaching in real time along with GPS mapping and heart rate monitoring to name a few. Moreover, with a built in Google assistant, the Huawei Smartwatch can assist you with your day-to-day activities.

A key aspect of this smartwatch is its ability to make calls and operate without a mobile device giving you the freedom to complete a variety tasks on the go whilst staying connected.

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